The Discovery

The Discovery

We are made up of three different entities. The mind, the body, and the soul. To think that we are just one thing is to strip yourself of the true essence of what life is all about. I don’t think I can tell you what life is all about it, but I know it is something that we discover within ourselves. And this powerful discovery occurs when our mind, body, and soul meet each other in a peaceful alignment. When we are ready, the universe opens a door that each of the three did not know existed and introduces them all to each other in a vibrant room of love. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for everyone. For some, it comes naturally. They are born enlightened. How incredible it must be to feel absolutely aligned your entire life. For me, it came after struggles and confusion I felt deep inside between my 3 entities. My mind did not love my body, my soul could not be heard, and my body did not feel safe. To say I woke up one day and felt the pure balance would be unfair. But during these struggling times, I knew it wasn’t right to feel to feel the way I did. I felt so strongly that there was a better way of life, a more powerful feeling of self-love that I had yet to experience. 

When I stopped cluttering my life with parties, drinking, shopping, and obbsessing over my image, I could feel the “stones” forming. It didn’t happen overnight but I felt a shift in my consciousness everyday. I became more aware of how every moment in the day impacted me and how I could control my life. There were things that occurred that were out of my control, but I learned to control how I let them shape me. I discovered the true meaning of “having a choice”. I chose when I wanted to be hurt and when I wanted to grow. I started to embrace my failures and my flaws, and made the conscious decision to create opportunities for myself through these new experiences. 

Fast forward 4 years and you’ll meet me where I am today. Not in perfect condition, but surrounded by so much self-love and gratitude for the life I’ve created and chosen. I can’t wait to continue sharing how I got here.

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