Welcome to Love, Nourish & Heal (previously DavVegan). I am 26 year old nerd living in Sydney, Australia. I am a front-end software developer by day, building cool stuff using Groovy, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By night, I am a lover, healer, and nourish(-er) through my passion to use our Earth in the way my ancestors did. I started this blog in 2013 to help others find practical ways to cleanse their lives in the most natural and effortless ways possible.


Holistic Healing

I was raised in America with migrant parents. Although they were raised to heal themselves using traditions from our Fijian and Dominican cultures, my sisters and I experienced the western approach to healing. It wasn’t until I started shifting my diet and lifestyle that I became aware of the damage done to my body from using the toxins and chemicals that are marketed as health cures and beauty/skin products. I started using herbs and natural plant remedies to fix any aliments I was experienced, including mental and emotional stress. One of my favorite resources for healing has been essential oils. I will post my favorite recipes for healing and DIY products for your home, body, and soul.

Plant-based Food

I went vegan at the age of 21 and have had an interesting journey of self discovery. I started my vegan journey while I was an athlete for a division one varsity team and a work-out junkie. The recipes I post are always healthy and fun, to not only satisfy the needs of your body, but to delight your mind.

Discovery of self-love

 I usually cry when I read that heading. I have experienced many struggles that I tried to hide and erase for many years. Recently I decided that the only way to heal myself from my past was to rediscover it and pour love into what I find. There are a lot of things not to love, but I am on a mission to use love as my judgement in every situation. I don’t want to feel pain again, but I know if I start with love when the pain arrives, my healing can start when it begins, not when it ends. 

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