Berry Grape Banana Smoothie Bowl


I ran out of my vegan yogurt and was craving something fluffy to eat with my granola this morning after a strength training work out. Very quick and tasty!

1 Banana
1/2 cup of Blueberries
30 Red Grapes
1/4 cup of Almond Milk
2 tbsp. of Flax Seed
1/2 cup of Granola (your choice!)

Blend the banana, blueberries, grapes, almond milk and flax seeds together. Sprinkle the granola on top once the mixture is smooth. I put it in a bowl to eat with spoon, but you can put it in class and drink it, too!


Banana Boats Dessert


Perfect snack after a hard training session – when it’s too late for breaskfast but too early for lunch!

1 Banana
2 tbsp. of Almond Button
1/2 cup of Granola (your choice!
2 tsp. of cinnamon

Start by slicing the banana down the center, being careful not to break the shape. Spread the almond butter on the insides of both halves. Sprinkle the granola and cinnamon. Use your hands, or grab a spoon, and feed your tummy!