Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes


When you’re feeling creative:

3 Large Tomoatoes
Kale (cut into 1″ pieces)
Raisins (cut in half)
Lemon juice
Pepper for taste

Start cooking the quinoa based on the package you have bought. Most quinoa takes about 10-15 minutes to cook. While the quinoa is cooking, Cut each tomato in half and scoop out the insides with a delicate spoon (you don’t want to pierce the skin). Sprinkle pepper into each tomato half and set aside. Place the insides in a bowl and mix in the kale & raisins. When the quinoa has been cooked and fluffed, add it to the mixture and toss until the quinoa has touched every topping. Using a large, neatly place a scoop of the mixture in each tomato. Sprinkle lemon juice (and any other spices/juices you love) and serve!

My 11 year old sister loved these because you can eat them with your hands!